'my kind of boy'


if you are a guy- post this as 'my kind of girl.'

if you are a girl- post it as 'my kind of boy'.

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?

extra marks for those with it

2. Smart?

good for the gens

3. Preferred age?

i don't want to be in the early 30, alone

4. Preferred height:

i'am 5'4, so 5'4½ onwards

5. How about sense of humor?

enough with jokes that make sense

6. How about piercings?


7. Accepts you for who you are?


8. Pink hair?


9. Mushy or no?

dugh.i prefer moshi moshi

10. Thin or fat?

just fair enough

11. Black, Brown or White (skin colour)

Malays are yellow rite?

12. Long hair or short hair?

no chad kroeger look please

13. Plastic or metal?

i didn't get u

14. Smells good?


15. Smoker?

i don't want to be the second hand smoker

16. Drinker?

a big NO

17. Boy-next-door type?

not too innocent lah

18. Muscular?

six pack?

19. Plays piano?

an asset though

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

no issues

21. Plays violin?

cello looks better

22. Sings very good?

i'm not able to distinguish differences in musical pitch

23. Vain?

ayoo no life lah

24. With glasses?

i need an eagle eye

25. With braces?

o my gucci

26. Shy type?

shy, yet confident

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?


28. Active or passive?

tennis needs two players

29. Tight or bomb?


30. Singer or dancer?

better be singer

31. Stunner?

my jealousy is quite high

32. Hiphop?

2010 masih hiphop

33. Earrings?

like elton john?

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends/boyfriends-until-you-drop?


35. Dimples?

most welcome ngeee

36. Bookworm?

good for the gens either

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

enough with text

39. Flirt?

i had enough before

40. Poem writer?

i am bad in literature

41. Serious?

i believe, every adult man need this

43. Painter?

i wear canvas not hang them

44. Religious?

where Allah puts a full stop, don't put a question mark.

45. Someone who likes to tease people?

not too much la

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

come on grow up

47. Speaks 20 languages?

easy for vacation

48. Loyal or faithful?


49. Good kisser?

later issue

50. Loves children?

not the pedophile