an international guest came to the office last wednesday..together with him, was a little cute young girl (manyak no adjective nye huhu)..while his father in the discussion room, she waits her father at our front office..silently,lonely and boredly..

i approached her..

me: masmuki?
girl: lubna

~long pause~

lubna seems not a talkative girl..malas layan..so i decide to turn on the TV...suddenly..

girl: can i watch cartoon?
me: ya sure..but sorry its in malay tho.
girl: well its ok..i'll understand..i'm in the process of learning it (with a little laugh)

'don't judge a book by its cover' (though, i dun really agree upon this quote)
suprisingly, she talks..sometimes we tend to label someone as 'sombong' if they don't really respond on what we are saying..yet, there are people who we need to roll the ball first, and this kind of people tend to catch the ball rather than throwing or rolling it..me myself, always and most of the time is the thrower..i don't really have problem in mingling with stranger..

lubna keeps talking..and she even talks about her big coming day~

lubna: hey you know what, my birthday will be in october, 10th of october 2010, so its 10.10.10
and the best is, i'm going to be 10.. =)

owhh byk ckp jugak budak ni huhu~